Here's what people are saying about Luntzel:

"...(Steve) Shelley’s joyously fierce drumming of a Sonic Youth-emblazoned drum set and a bassline pulsing through the floor and up one’s legs (I could feel it hours afterwards), Ranaldo and the Dust are a powerful band..."

(Chris Sikich,, January 13th, '014)
"... They booked five days in the Magic Shop...and returned for four days in August, for a total of nine days of recording with a rhythm section Ms. Jones chose the drummer Dan Riser (SP) and the bassist Tim Luntz(el)..."

(New York Times "Anomalous Harmony, Present and Past", Jon Pareles, November 22, 2013)

"...Now comes Lee Ranaldo and the Dust, featuring Steve Shelley (also of Sonic Youth), Alan Licht and Tim Luntzel..."

(Cracked review, Amanda Arber, 2013)

"...Backed by a skeletal rhythm section and discreet flourishes of fiddle and steel guitar..."

("Inside Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jone's Dark Dream", David Fricke, Rolling Stone, Nov 12, '013)

"...Double LP follow up "Last Night On Earth" is much more impressive and coherent, featuring just Ranaldo, Alan Licht, Tim Luntzel and SY's peerless Steve Shelley..."
(Uncut review, 8/10/'013)

"...former Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and bassist Tim Luntzel..." (I lost the page! darn.)

"...In Ziro, it's bassist Tim Luntzel who decides to let his shaggy hair down. After already getting a few sneak swigs of Royal Stag whiskey ('Barrel Reserve) from my stash during a pit stop on the road, I find him lugging around his own new bottle of Royal Stag in his knapsack. But this time round, he's not happy with the non-premier whiskey's taste. "Aah, it's not the Barrel Reserve", I explain. So, during the rest of the festival, Tim sticks to beer and locally brewed rice beer. The night before Ranaldo and the Dust's headlining gig at Ziro, Tim decides to break off from his fellow Dust members and do his own thing with us. At an after-party party, Luntzel and I both agree that the DJ, Suryakant Sawhney, frontman-singer of Delhi burlesque cabaret prog-pop outifit Peter Cat Recording Co, is sucking behind the consoles. Filmmakers Kiran Rao in a blue hoodie and 'Q' Mukherjee in a Brazil football jacket may be jiving away to the loungey nonsense, but Tim and I are looking for a better distraction. So we start talking in front of the dance floor about how fantastically fabulous Nirvana was. Thankfully, Raxit Tewari, frontman of Mumbai indie-band Sky Rabbit, in his solo project avatar as Your Chin spins some magic music and saves the night. Later that night-dawn, Tim, under the influence of the 'real Barrel Reserve' Royal Stag' shares a hilarious story about Roy Orbison..."
("Ground Ziro: Following Lee Ranaldo and the Dust", Indrajit Hazra, Rolling Stone India, October '013)

"...Guitarist Alan Licht and bassist Tim Lüntzel especially uphold their duties with power and distinction of their own..." ("Lee Ranaldo and the Dust, Club Helsinki Hudson, 10.8.13", Seth Rogovoy,

"...The Dust consists of Sonic Youth drummer, Steve Shelley, as well as avant-garde journeymen Alan Licht and Tim Lüntzel..." (Pitchfork album review for LR & the Dust Last Night on Earth, Collin St John, Oct 10, '013)

"...Tim Luntzel-Orlando Fleming/b..."
(George W. Harris, "Ben Sidran: Don't Cry For No Hipster", Jazz Weekly, April 25, '013)

"...Petro sings vengefully over Tim Luntzel's dancing, boomy bass, Jim Wert's prominent drums and (Michael) Gomez' distorted funk guitar..."
("Halle & the Jilt: Oldschool Soul with a Fresh, Dark Undercurrent", Delarue, New York Music Daily, April '013)

"...sowie dem bassisten Tim Luntzel und dem Perkussionisten Moses Patrou..."
(Jazz Thing, Feb '013)

"...Tim Lunntzel à la contrebasse..."
(Serge Truffaut "Jazz - Le chef-d'oeuvre de Ben Sidran", Le Devoir, 19 janvier 2013)

"'s a richly purist, gorgeously subtle album, much of it propelled with a casually expert country swing by bassist Tim Luntzel and drummer Brian Geltner..."
("Beautiful, Haunting, Evocative Mining Songs from Jan Bell", Delarue, New York Music Daily, Dec '012)

"In the food line at Brooklyn Burgers, Tim Luntzel, 40, of Prospect Heights, who wore an orange Knicks T-shirt, said he had been a fan of the team since 1999 when Larry Johnson made a four-point play in a playoff game to help lead the Knicks past the Indiana Pacers. (The Knicks would go to the championship that year and lose to the San Antonio Spurs. Nets coach Avery Johnson was the Spurs' starting point guard then.) When asked what he thought about the Brooklyn Nets, Luntzel said with just a touch of hostility, "I don't think about them at all."
(Vanity Fair online, November 27th, '012)

"...Backed by her guitarist husband and frequent writing collaborator John Leventhal, and four other top-notch musicians, the poised and genial Cash performed some glorious..."
(The Seattle Times, Aug 30th, 2012)
"...The music is a tuneful, generally upbeat potpourri of folk, folk-blues and jug-band styles in which the usual lineup of friends and relatives found at a Wainwright concert, show up to sing and play. The communal cheer only sharpens the gallows humor...."
(New York Times, April 3rd, 2012)

"...Joined onstage by the most seasoned of pros, Tim Luntzel (bass) and Tony Mason (drums), the trio navigated through selections...with an irresistible catchiness...(and) culminated with a cover of the Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City," a rocking and rolling version made even grittier and richer by...the precise picking between Sebastian and Luntzel..."
(Ellmore Magazine, February, 2012)

"...Siegel's live band includes guitarist Steve Elliot, bassist Tim Luntzel, and drummer Brian Wolfe - have generated even further acclaim. No wonder..."
(, January 23rd, 2012, "Leah Siegel: Freedom's Just Another Word for Firehorse", Donald Gibson)

"...Leah Siegel's debut as Firehorse (her project with former Rosanne Cash bassist Tim Luntzel, Joan Jett drummer Brian Wolfe, and guitarist Steve Elliot) melds commanding Chan Marshall-like vocals with haunting, eerily compelling instrumentals, and thoughtful lyricism..."
(the Boston Phoenix, January 13th, 2012)

"...Multi-instrumentalists Nick Radina and Jason Goforth were joined by bassist Tim Luntzel and drummer Tommy Perkinson..."
(, December 18th, 2011, "Over the Rhine's Taft show warm but not so cheery", By Chris Varias)

"...Rosanne Cash was resplendent and unhurried, leading a band that earned its climaxes and spread its arms and legs out into the wide expanses of its music, brushing aside sound problems and milking its moment..."
(Pop Matters, November 16th, 2011, "The Jayhawks + Rosanne Cash: 21 October 2011 - New York", By Chad Berndtson)

"...Engineer/producer Chris Shaw was at Excello working with the group Nick Casey - which is Nicholas Webber and Casey Spindler with the rhythm section of Dan Rieser and Tim Luntzel. This crew tracked between 20-30 songs over just two days at Excello..."
(Sonic, November 11th, 2011, "Vampire Weekend, John Popper, Erik Friedlander Recording at Excello", Janice Brown)

"...the inimitable Tim Luntzel (Rosanne Cash, Loudon Wainwright III, and more) on bass..."
(, November 10th, 2011, "Firehorse release new album, set to play free show")

"...a bassist..." (The L, Sydney Brownstone, "Firehorse and Robbers on High Streets Indie Pop Power", October 21st, 2011)

"...While all four were excellent, the last guy (Tim Luntzel) blew me away..."
(The Ramblers at The Living Room Again Jun 5th, 2011 by hadar.)

"...Rosanne, backed by hubby John Leventhal (on guitar) and Tim Luntzel (on bass)..." (
Kenneth Walsh,, January 18th, 2011)

"...(Rosanne Cash) played acoustic guitar, accompanied by acoustic guitarist John Leventhal--also her husband and producer--and versatile Brooklyn bassist Tim Luntzel...and while ... (Cash And Sandra Bernharhd) should consider taking the show on the road, they definitely need to bring Leventhal--and a bass player as good as Luntzel--along..."
(Jim Bessman, New York, January 16th, 2011)

"...Cash, who will also be accompanied by her bass player Tim Luntzel, is looking forward to singing with Bernhard, not to mention "her humor and insanity."..."
( New York, Jim Bessman, "Rosanne Cash released from Twitter Jail in time to gig with Sandra Bernhard", January 4th, 2011)

"...the 55 Bar will be home to the Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout..."
(Oyster Locals, "New York's Best Alternatives to New Year's Eve in Times Square", December 21st, 2010)

"... Joined on stage by bassist Tim Luntzel and keyboardist Andrew Sherman...(Greg) Tannen connected with the audience..."
(, "Live Music: The Weepies, Hiro Ballroom, November 10, 2010)

(2 year lapse due to computer crap)

"...As usual, Ms. Scheinman has surrounded herself and her violin with "cream of the crop" creative modern players e.g. guitarist Bill Frisell, Tim Luntzel - bass, Ron Miles - cornet, Jason Moran - piano, Doug Weiselman - clarinets, and Kenny Wolleson - drums..."
("KCCK FM: Producers' Top 10's for Last Year, Craig Kessler, December 24th, 2008)

"..."I Heart Eye Patch" finds bassist Tim Luntzel and drummer Kenny Wollesen propelling the ensemble with a bouncy march, eliciting a spry retort from the strings..." ( "All About Jazz CD Review: Jenny Scheinman - Crossing the Field, by Sean Patrick Fitzell, November 14th, 2008)

"... a dream-team rhythm section of Tim Luntzel on bass and Kenny Wollesen on drums..."
("Lucid Culture CD Review: Jenny Scheinman - Crossing the Field << Lucid Culture", October 21, 2008)

"... I loved the bass and drums in the background..." ( "Terri's Music Blog: Wayne Horvitz and Sweeter Than the Day @ The Stone 10/19/08", October 20, 2008)

"... bassist Tim Luntzel..."
("RIFFS: Old 97s bassist rolls out a kind of alt.gospel release, Nashvill City Player", September 29, 2008)

"...Bassist Tim Luntzel had tracked and gigged with Harris as a member of The Ferdinandos during their semi-legendary residency at the East Village's Living Room..."
("News Dal Mondo: Jesse Harris - Feel Now Available In Italy", September 24, 2008)

"...A subliminal bond occurs through a number of musicians that play on both releases, including Frisell, bassist Tim Luntzel and drummer Kenny Wollesen..."
("Jenny Scheinman: Unfurling One's Wings on JamBase", Dennis Cook, September 24, 2008)

"...Crossing The Field is her fifth instrumental release and features Bill Frisell, Jason Moran, Ron Miles, Doug Weiselman, Tim Luntzel and Kenny Wollesen (who also appear on Jenny Scheinman), plus a string orchestra led by Eyvind Kang and Brooklyn Rider..."
(Long Song Records>> Jenny Scheinman, September, 2008)

"...Tim Luntzel adds fluid, melodic upright bass to three of the cuts, and the somewhat ubiquitous Kenny Wolleson is his reliably tasteful self on drums. ..."
(CD Review: Jenny Scheinman - Self-titled CD, Lucid Culture, August 6th, 2008)

"...Drummer Kenny Wollesen, another Frisell alum, guests on three tracks alongside bassist Tim Luntzel, leaving Scherr to deliver some visceral, rough-hewn slide guitar on Lucinda Williams' powerful ballad 'King of Hearts'..."
(All About Jazz, "Jenny Scheinman", by John Kelman, August 2nd, 2008)

"..."Old Brooklyn" revolves around a simple pulse, driven by bassist Tim Luntzel and Wieselman's folkloric melody...."
(All About Jazz, "Crossing the Field", by John Kelman, August 1st, 2008)

"...Recorded in Scherr's Brooklyn apartment, "Jenny Scheinman" leans heavily on his guitar, with Frisell, Luntzel, and drummers Kenny Wollesen and Steve Jordan..."
(The Phoenix, Music Features, "Split Personality", by Jon Garelick, June 2nd, 2008)

"...Along with Mr. Scherr, the bassist Tim Luntzel and the drummer Dan Rieser, he (Jesse Harris) delivered a strong batch of old and new songs..."
(New York Times, "Ms Jones and Guitar in the Spirit of the Place", April 2nd, 2008)

"...he (Jesse Harris) didn't have Norah sit in, but Tony Scherr was there on guitar and Tim Luntzel on bass, so it was like a Ferdinandos reunion..."
(WFUV Blog, "Long Live the Living Room!", John Platt, April 1st, 2008)

"...The record, produced by renowned producer, Mitchell Froom (Los Lobos, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, T-Bone Burnett, Crowded House, Bonnie Raitt), features Julian's songs front and center with tasteful backing from the rhythm section of Tim Luntzel (bass) and Dan Rieser (drums), along with touches of keyboards from Froom himself...."
(Foster's Daily Democrat, "Mill Pond Center welcomes Julian", March 20th, 2008)

"...Froom... brought out the best in Julian's jazz-musician sidemen, bassist Tim Luntzel and drummer Dan Rieser, as well as Julian himself...Mitchell would say "...Let's drop the bass out of this solo section"...then bass dropping in as the day gets into full swing...The past few years have seen Julian... guesting with Tim Luntzel's soul-jazz combo The Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout...
(Music For Humans review of Richard Julian's "Sunday Morning in Saturday's Shoes", February 29th, 2008)

"...Nice and jamming and grooving...." (Terri's Music Blog: Adam Levy @ Banjo Jim's, February 1st, 2008)

"...(Smokey Hormel) dives through drummer Andrew Borger and bassist Tim Luntzel's bottomless pocket..."
(Jesse Jarnow, "The Best Little Western Swing Band in Brooklyn: Smokey Hormel's Roundup at Sunny's", The Village Voice, January 24th, 2008)

"...It takes a confident musician to pack his band with some of the hottest players in New York City, but singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Bergson is equal to the company he keeps. On this night, he shared the foreground of a tiny stage with saxophone wizard Jay Collins and Bruce Katz ...The star power was anchored by drummer Diego Voglino and electric bassist Tim Luntzel...Driven by the drums and Luntzel's tough bass groove, Katz's piano burst forth as if he had been building up to it all night..."
(Kay Cordtz review for BLUES REVIEW, January 10th, 2008)

"...Tim Luntzel on bass..."
(Joe Walt, "A great way to prepare for Xmas in Texas", A Foolish Consistency, December 23rd, 2007)

"...It takes a pretty ballsy bass player to tackle - solo - She Blinded Me With Science..."
(Vin Scelsa, "Idiot's Delight", December 15th, 2007)

"...the crisp snare, and the walking bass. They're as funky as you can get, if folky can ever truly get funky...Steve Shelley, and studio musician Tim Luntzel, play the drums and bass on this cover..."
(Tractor Facts: Being Bob Dylan: "As I Went Out One Morning" - Mira Billotte, November 18th, 2007)

" excellent upright bassist Tim Luntzel..." ( Lucid Culture review of a Brock Mumford gig, July 23rd, 2007)

"...(Jesse Harris) has since...made records as a solo artist, but made a wise decision in holding over bassist Tim Luntzel, whose electric and upright bass playing never outshines Jesse, but adds strong dynamics to his best work..." ( Charlie Doherty, Blog Critics Magazine, July 17th, 2007)

"...features Bill Frisell, Jason Moran, Doug Weiselman, Ron Miles, Kenny Wollesen, Tim Luntzel and a chamber string orchestra..." ( All About Jazz, June 24th, 2007)

"Leah Siegel...(plays)...sometimes solo with just her guitar, sometimes with her absolutely rockin' band (consisting of Steve Elliot, Brian Wolfe and Tim Luntzel)..."
(Jewess Weekly 7, June 2007)

"...The band has featured several notable talents, some of whom include: Tim Luntzel (Bright Eyes, Gillian Welch), Ryan Sawyer (Fiery Furnaces, At the Drive-In) and Scott McPherson (Elliott Smith)..."
(Aspen Daily News, Aspen, Colorado, April 29th, 2007)

"...Tim Luntzel: bass..."
(HurdAudio: HurdAudio Rotation: Strings and Ayler, April 22nd, 2007)

"...Conor Oberst leans on several bassists-including Dan McCarthy, Tim Luntzel, and Mike Mogis - for the gentle, low tones that perfectly accompany his delicate vocals and guitar work. All three appear on this year's Four Winds EP (Saddle Creek)..."
(RegnYouth Archives, April 10th, 2007)

"...recent stints recording and playing stealth gigs with...bluesy country bar band The Little Willies to the garage rockers El Madmo to Tim Luntzel's soul-jazz outfit Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout."
(Paste Magazine feature on Norah Jones, March 2007)

"...cittˆ in cui ha contribuito alla nascita di quella scena che oggi condivide con Tim Luntzel e Dan Rieser, la sua sezione ritmica, con la Jones, con il bravo Richard Julian e con Jesse Harris, primo autore per Norah..."
(il popolo del blues, 2006)

"Tim Luntzel... op bass..."
(Rootstime CD reviews, 2006)
"...e Tim Luntzel al basso..." ( Coverstory92)

"Tim Luntzel and Brian Wolfe are a fantastic rhythm section and professionals in every sense of the word."
( Leah Siegel review at, Nov 26, 2006)

"[Our own] Sasha Dobson performed six songs on the October 29 production of Mountain Stage scheduled for distribution to public radio affiliates, XM Satellite Radio and the Voice of America January 5, 2007. Her band included Richard Julian, Jesse Harris, Tim Luntzel, and Robert DiPietro."
( The Suite 16, November 2006)

"...Tim Luntzel on upright Bass ( He played on the last Bright Eyes CD and a bunch of other stuff)..."
(Lisa Richards' MySpace, 2006)

"...The result is an organ-fueled soul-jazz disc--helmed by bassist and scenester sideman Tim Luntzel and featuring a famous guest or two..."
(Paste Magazine, September, 2006)

"Joe January brought his Planes for Spaces (Myspace) project back to New York with a new band this time, featuring bassist Tim Luntzel...and drummer Ryan Sawyer (Fiery Furnaces)... the whole band sounded pretty good too, particularly considering they most likely have not had that much time to work together yet."
(Indie-licious, August 17, 2006)

"...The majority of the album is tightly played instrumentals, whether it's an eerily slow take of Bobbie Gentry's "Ode To Billie Joe", Roland Kirk's "Fallout", or "Let"s Never Break Up", written by BBB bassist and band leader Tim Luntzel..."
(John Book, Okay Player review of Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout's "Who Burnt The Bacon?", 2006)

"...bassist Tim Luntzel..."
(Adam Levy, July 9th, 2006)

"...great soulful jam jazz...led by bassist supreme Tim Luntzel."
(Pete Harris, Harris Radio, July 2006)
"Tim Luntzel, bass hoe."
(Vin Scelsa, "Idiot's Delight", July 8, 2006)

"... His band isn't with any label, but the CD jacket had a snazzy design..."
(Anna Broadway, Sexless In The City, June, 2006)

"...then bass player Tim Luntzel hooks the backbeat, grooves on it, lets the percussionists play with it for a while..."
(David Varno, the Brooklyn Rail, March 2006)

"... Bright Eyes...hit the hardest of the night. The group played three songs including "When the President Talks to God." "I wonder which one plays the better cop," Mr. Oberst sang, pumping his foot and driving up his impatient anger, his acoustic-guitar strumming getting ahead of the band until the rhythmic coherence broke apart..."
(Ben Ratliff, New York Times, March 21, 2006)

"...Tim Luntzel (bass)..."
(Three Imaginary Girls, 2006)

"...Tim Luntzel on bass..."
(Tom Chandler, Rasputin Manifesto, March?, 2006)

"...Tim Luntzel al contrabbasso..."
(R.J. DeLuke, All About Jazz Italia, March 19, 2006)

"...bassist Tim Luntzel and (drummer Dan) Rieser rustle timbres sympathetically..."
(Ken Waxman, Jazzword reviews, March 13, 2006)

"... Brillano inoltre nel disco il bassista e co produttore Brad Jones che divide il quattro corde con il bravissimo Tim Luntzel, straordinario in Ò Cold Grey SkyÓ e ÒCheap GuitarÓ a tenere stretto il groove...)"
(Ernesto de Pascale, il popolo del blues, 2006)

"...really superb musicians (especially bassists Tim Luntzel and Lee Alexander...)"
(Blair Jackson, Mix Online, February 1, 2006)

"...Tim Luntzel (lots and lots of people...)"
( Doveman, January 28, 2006)

"...Scheinman's world-class septet -- Frisell, Ron Miles (cornet), Doug Wieselman (clarinet), Rachelle Garniez (accordion, piano, claviola), Tim Luntzel (bass), and Dan Rieser (drums)..."
(Sam Prestianni, SF Weekly, January 18, 2006)

"...The rhythm section (Rachelle Garniez on accordion, claviola, and piano, Tim Luntzel's bass, and Dan Rieser on drums) is consistently sympathetic..."
(Will Layman, Pop Matters, November 30, 2006)

"... Bill Frisell's guitar churns away below with controlled ferocity and bassist Tim Luntzel thrums out an insistent pedal point..."
(Rick Anderson, All Music Guide, Fall 2005)

"...Campilongo, guitar, Tim Luntzel, bass; Dan Rieser, drums..."
(Charlie Hunter's Blindfold Test, Downbeat Magazine, October 2005)

"...Oberst and his band (...Tim Luntzel on bas...) put gorgeous arrangements to some of the most touching and/or heartbreaking of lyrics..."
(Amazon customer review, October 2005)

"...Rachelle Garniez, accordion, piano, claviola; Tim Luntzel, bass; Dan Rieser, drums..."
(Jenny Scheinman "12 Songs" review, Downbeat Magazine, October 2005)

"ALMOST FAMOUS: Tim Luntzel: jazz double-bass player;"
("Famous -- and almost famous -- people raised in Palo Alto", Mercury News, September 12, 2005)

"Tim Luntzel graced the low notes with so much soul and grace... I damn near blushed...;"
(Dina Regine, August 2, 2005)

"...Mike Magilligan and Tim Luntzel were also playing and they sounded wonderful as well..."
(Bruce Saunders, June 18 2005)

"...To realize his vision, Dryden, an accomplished jazz pianist, put together a group of notable musicians. Bassist Tim Luntzel and drummer Dan Rieser have backed up the likes of Norah Jones and Bright Eyes,..."
(Mary Huhn, New York Post, May 28, 2005)

"...He appears with Dan Rieser and Tim Luntzel at the Living Room..."
(Mary Huhn, New York Post, April 2005)

"...fellow Ferdinandos bassist Tim Luntzel..."
(Michael Schoeck,, Jan 26, 2005)

"...Jenny Scheinman group avec Ron Miles, Myra Melford, Tim Luntzel et Dan Raiser..."
(Jazz Musiques Productions, Dec 2004)

"...It was only when she, Mr. Frisell and her rhythm section played alone that the music showed its traction and, occasionally, its conceptual brilliance..."
(Ben Ratliff, New York Times, December 8, 2004)

"...To save costs, he's traveling with just an upright-bass player..."
(Kurt B. Reighley, the Stranger, Seattle, September 2004)

"...a sympathetic duo of Tim Luntzel on stand-up bass and Jon Dryden on piano..."
(The Boston Herald, Aug 31, 2004)

"...Recorded a great tune with bassist Tim Luntzel of Jesse Harris's band this week. What a great person!..."
(Brandon Harper, Aug 20, 2004)

"...bandmate Tim Luntzel supports him on bass guitar..."
(Go Brooklyn, June 15, 2004)

"...Bassist ist Tim Luntzel, ein Musiker mit Rock- und Souljazz-Erfahrung...."
(Radio Bremen, 2004)

"...Luntzel... brought intuition and charisma to the bandstand as he supported Perowsky's loose yet emphatic stick and brush work..."
(All About Jazz, June 2004)

"...Though saxophonists Jason Hunter and Eric Rasmussen are the primary soloists, their counterparts-drummer Eric Thompson and bassist Tim Luntzel-are equally impressive..." "...exceptional electric bass work and drum kit magic...bass compellingly pushes the theme..."
(All About Jazz, May 23 2004)

"...and of course the wonderful rhythm section of Tim Luntzel and Dan Rieser..."
(StarPolish Newsletter, April 26 2004)

"...Promiscuous collaborator Luntzel..."
(The Village Voice, Feb 24 2004)

" asociarse con instrumentistas de jazz como Tim Luntzel (bajo) y Dan Rieser (batería). ..."
(Mas Novedades, 2004)

"Contrabbassista assai dotato tecnicamente, Tim Luntzel fa parte da poco tempo del gruppo di Wayne Horvitz." (Jazz Italia, Feb 2004)

"...Timothy Young alla chitarra, Tim Luntzel al contrabbasso e Andy Roth all batteria..."
(Tempo Libero, 21 Febbraio 2004)

" contrabbassista Tim Luntzel..."
( Altremusiche, February 04)

"...Jim (Campilongo), joined by Dan Rieser (Marcy Playground, Norah Jones) on drums and Tim Luntzel (Jesse Harris) on upright bass create a sound unlike anything I have heard in recent years..."
(Are You Blues)

"Beyond of Nashville 
Because it is experienced in things jazz enough, Tony Scherr knows also that one should throttle for Country the speed calmly a little. With his Trio the guitarist in the Waati plays. It must be already also said that on this Wednesday in things corporate country quiet sucks Steve Earl stays in the city, in the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations castle in the air - however on the other hand the debut album "Come was welcomed around" by Tony Scherr in the criticism with so quaint words: "so similarly it would have to be, if Fellini turns a film over a Kinderweihnachtsfeier." And in order to collect further Credits: Appeared the plate on the Smells Like record label of Sonic Youth Steve Shelley, otherwise Scherr plays the bass with Jazzprominenz such as Bill Frisell and John Lurie, and as a guitarist the New Yorker one gives evenly gladly the Low speed Rocker with slope to Country and Folk. It is supported with its concert on Wednesday in the Waati of Tim Luntzel at the bass and the schlagzeuger Kenny Wollesen, which admits at least to all readers of the small print - as party men of Tom WAITS and Bill Frisell - be should."
(Die Tageszeitung, translated. It seems to have since disappeared. Bummer.)

"When Rasmussen just picks one odd meter and sticks with it, Hunter, bassist Tim Luntzel, and drummer Eric Thompson explode..."
(the Boston Phoenix)

"NYC aces Dan Rieser and Tim Luntzel running along with Jim the whole way"

"...µ‚Ä‚¢‚郊ƒYƒ€‘à ‚Íƒx[ƒVƒXƒg‚ÌTim Luntzel‚ƃPƒj[EƒEƒHƒ‹ƒXƒ“..."
(some Japanese review, no idea.)

"Met: Tim Young - gitaar; Tim Luntzel - bas en Andy Roth - drums en Wayne Horvitz - piano..."
(Is Dit Nog Wel Jazz?, January, 2004)

"...and with Tim Luntzel on bass, the Ferdinandos rocked hard - too hard, at times, for..."
(The Washington Times, October 2nd, 2003)

"...Tony Scherr switched to guitar while Tim Luntzel took over on electric bass..."
(All About Jazz, September, 2003)

"...Performing with Tim Luntzel on double bass, Harris ..."
(Willamette Week MusicFest Diaries, September, 2003)

"...Campilongo has teamed up with drummer Dan Rieser and bassist Tim Luntzel, both of whom have backgrounds in jazz..."
(Todd Kristel, All Music Guide, 2003)

"...Acclaimed guitarist Jim Campilongo is surrounded by an all star cast on his newest release, backed by the powerhouse rhythm section of Dan Rieser on drums and Tim Luntzel on upright bass..."
(Seymour Duncan Artist Database, August, 2003)

"...Tim Luntzel is de coolste basgitarist die ik in jaren heb zien spelen."
(some online publication in Amsterdam, there's a cool picture there., June, 2003)

"...Tim Luntzel on bass..."
(Kauai Music Festival, June, 2003)

"Tim Luntzel (bass)"
(, May, 2003)

"...Tim Luntzel..."
(Jazzmatazz, May 31, 2003)

"...backed only by a bassist who giggled incessantly, Harris..."
(Ink 19, May 4, 2003)

"...e Tim Luntzel al basso) per poter fare uscire l'album ..."
(Jam Online Italia, 2002, 2003, dunno)

"Tim Luntzel (bass)"
(Verve Music Group, May, 2003)

"Very interesting too, is the middle section when bass player Tim Luntzel lays out and lets J(im)C(ampilongo) and drummer Dan Rieser interact for a while."
(The Review Zone, March, 2003)

"...Tony Scherr - elektricna kitara, glas, Tim Luntzel - elektricen bas, Kenny Wolleses - bobni..."
(Klub Gromka, March, 2003)

"...Kenny Wollesen og bassisten Tim Luntzel, som blandt andet har spillet med Tracy Bonham..."
(Nyheder , March, 2003)

"...bassist Tim Luntzel... "
(Chart Attack dot com, Feb 25, 2003)

"...bassist Tim Luntzel... "
(Rolling Stone, Feb 24, 2003)

"...Tim Luntzel (b)... "
(Charles Hotel Jazz Festival, Feb, 2003)

"...It's a tribute not only to Hunter and Rasmussen, but especially to Luntzel and Thompson that Guaranteed Swahili can play this kind of music and have it come off not as a dry academic exercise but rather as highly charged, swinging jazz. ..."
(The Boston Phoenix, Feb 12, 2003)

"...the thump of a bass..."
(The Village Voice, Jan 21, 2003)

"...the flying electric bass of Tim Luntzel..."
(Silver Wrapper, Nov, 2002)

"...Tim Luntzel, who somehow managed to chain-smoke even during tunes, laid down firm foundations and vigorous solos on bass, buoyed by the solidity of Dan Rieser's drums..."
(All About, Nov, 2002)

"...Tim Luntzel... resigns himself to facial gestures that follow the jumping backbeats of his bass..."
(The Village Voice, Aug 28, 2002)

"...Resonant acoustic bass line courtesy of Tim Luntzel..."
(, Jul 29, 2002)

"...Bassist Tim Luntzel..."
(, Jul 9, 2002)

"...Tim Luntzel on electric and acoustic bass..."
(Melvin Sparks interview, Mar 20, 2002)

"Tim Luntzel was not just any bass player. He could and did play "in the pocket," and held the rhythm to propel the band forward. Yeah, of course. But he offered up a constant stream of throbbing, burbling bass lines deftly interlaced with chords, double-stops, counterpoints, calls and responses that provided lower register resonance to the other players' parts without ever once 'stepping on' anybody else's lines... Together, Tim and Tony (Mason) made a rock solid interlocking directorate of rhythm. Rhythm section T'N'T. They each distinguished themselves further when they took back-to-back solos in "Mystery Van." The inspired acrobatic rollin' 'n' tumblin' of Tim's fingers up and down the maple neck of his Fender Bullet bass made it clear that if it'd had two more strings the David Kolker Band would have three great guitarists instead of two."
(, Feb 2, 2002)

"...Deep vibrating lines from bassist Tim Luntzel..."
(, Jan 18, 2002)

"Bassist Tim Luntzel, also a relatively new addition, failed to keep pace with his cohorts for the first offering of the evening, but was on the same page for the remainder of the show, finding his footing on second tune, an upbeat version of Karl Denson's "Dance Lesson #2."
(, Dec 7, 2001)

"...The soul vibrations of bassist Tim Luntzel..."
(, Nov 26, 2001)

"...Tim Luntzel... performed flawlessly..."
(New York Blues and Jazz Society, Oct 5, 2001)

"...Certainly the cocktail-exotica elements are guaranteed by Tom Beckham's vibraphone, marimba, and melodica, as well as Tim Luntzel's acoustic bass..."
(Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide, 2001)

"...Tim Luntzel took over the softball gear provided by Jesse (Murphy)..."
(Slacker Softball League, 2001)

"...Timmy "Still Pissed About The Ewing Trade" Luntzel..."
(Hippity-Hop Magazine, Sep 23, 2001)

"...There was a drum solo by Tony Mason and bass solo by Tim Luntzel in this one that caused people to yell out loud at random times."
(, Jun 26, 2001)

"...Bassist Luntzel drives the music with lines that bound across the drummers's rhythms with melodically forceful energy..."
(Cadence, May 2000)

"Going to the bathroom in the middle of a tune - THAT swings"
(Jon Babu, Northeast Performer, Spring 1999)

"...Tim Luntzel provides a subtle underpinning on acoustic bass..."
(The Indianapolis Star, Mar 8, 1999)

"...I've never seen anyone who has as much command of the bass as he. Tim will work the entire range of his instrument rarely missing a note, driving the band to higher and higher levels. For the first two years of The Starlight, Tim's band played every week. The fact that we built up our audience during that time is a credit to his skills as a musician as well as a band leader."
(John Diaz, MetroMediaWest, 1998)
"..."The Racist" features Tim Luntzel's fat, jazzy bass underscoring the scathing verses..."
(The Noise, April '97)