Hover your mouse over any tune, hit "Ctrl" (I don't know what the PC button to press is), then "Save link as" to download the song. Y'all rule.

New stuff + potential new stuff:
You Need To Be Loved On
Niki Hoeky
Baby Let Me Take You
Egyptian Reggae
Baby Let Me Take You
Make It For The Door
There Is Something On Your Mind
Desert Boots
Tight Skirt Tight Sweater

Sung tunes we pretty much definitely do (or that I definitely would like to do):

I'm So Glad You Love Me
Don't Lie
I'm Shakin' (Original Little Willie John version)
I'll Run Your Hurt Away (Ruby Johnson version)
Such a Fool for You (Ike & Tina's version)
The Happening (Diana Ross & the Surpremes)
How I Miss You (Bobby Womack)
If You Need Me (Solomon Burke)

Instrumentals I favor:
Ballad (For My Love)
David Danced Before the Lord
Let's Never Break Up
The Moog and Me
Blue Pepper (organ/sax melody)
Hot Tamale Baby (Buckwheat Zydeco)
A Go Go (Perez Prado)
Great Balls of Fire (Sun Ra)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Grant Green)
Money Is (Quincy Jones & Little Richard, sick guitar part)
Pass The Hatchet (Little Roger & The Gypsies, guitar has melody)
Shake Everything (JR Walker & the All Stars)
The Vibrator (Brother Jack McDuff, guitar shares melody)
Soul Drums
Shoot Your Shot
The Fuckin' Knicks
Ode to Billie Joe (we all have melody)

JR Walker & the All Stars "Soul Session" record:
Brainwasher chart
Decidedly chart
Eight Hour Drag
Eight Hour Drag chart
Everybody Get Together
Everybody Get Together chart
Good Rockin'
Good Rockin' chart
Hewbie Steps Out
Hewbie Steps Out chart
Mark Anthony (Speaks)
Mark Anthony (Speaks) chart
Moonlight In Vermont.m4a
Moonlight In Vermont chart
Satan's Blues
Satan's Blues chart
Shake Everything
Shake Everything chart
Shake Everything organ chart
Three Four Three
Three Four Three chart
Us chart BOOM!

Stuff we sometimes do:
Strings (Pat Martino)
A Minha Menina (Oz Mutantes)
Bass Catch (Carol Kaye & Ray Brown)
Be My Lady (Booker T & The MGs)
Cleo's Back (Jr Walker & The All Stars)
Dirty Old Bossa Nova (Howard Roberts)
Funky Donkey
Conjunction Mars
You Got To Be A Man (Helene Smith)

Stuff we pretty much never do:
Rumpty Dumpty Pt. 2
Day and Night
Calypso Boogaloo
Rumpty Dumpty Pt. 1
I Got Loaded
Thrills and Chills (Helene Smith)
What's It Gonna Be (Dusty Springfield)
Yes, I'm Ready (Barbara Mason)
Save Me (James Knight & the Butlers)
A Woman Will Do Wrong (with Leah)
I'm Controlled By Your Love (with Leah)

Lead sheets (for some of the trickier stuff):
Blue Pepper (fancy melody)
Fallout (fancy form)
Good Thing Pt. 1 (funky form)
I Want to Hold Your Hand (guitar melody)
Let's Never Break Up (fuck it up and die)
Pass the Hatchet (guitar melody)
Thrills and Chills (deceptively simple)
The Vibrator (lots of notes)

New York 1 radio show
(Hot Tamale Baby at :50, I'm Shakin' at 4:32, Mason misshap at 7:05 {!}, Linger at 24:14)

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