On The Turntable:

December 2009: It's been a minute. Here's the stuff:
Hoping That You're Hoping.
Too good.
Big Chief (part 1).
December 2007: Have you ever gotten hopelessly fixated on a song? That's me and "Somewhere In Space"from Sun Ra's 1968 record "Out There a Minute". It starts with totally tribal rhythm section, then some dude starts... gargling? Or something! His "ooh"ing sounds like it's coming through a fan or something. It's cool. Things heat up when the shaker introduces the slashing saxophone riff. It's just too much. Good solos follow. There's other good stuff on this record ("Love In Outer Space", "Song Of Tree And Forest"), but, like so many of his records, it's real hit or miss. Good thing you can buy single tracks on iTunes.


(Big brother Mark and I at the Singer-mounted turntable, circa '79)

Dancing about Architecture

April, 2007
Have really been digging compilation by a minimalist composer who called himself Moondog, it's called "The Viking of 6th Avenue". Very cool, really cool percussion going on, my favorite song's called "Enough About Human Rights!"
Dig it.
August, 2006
...Dylan, Rebennack, Walker, Young. Dylan, Rebennack, Walker, Young. Dylan, Rebennack, Walker, Young. Dylan, Rebennack, Walker, Young...
June, 2006
I'm just totally fixated on Shooby Taylor's "Lift Every Voice And Sing", google it, download it, join the cult...
October 6th, 2005
OK 3 records: Lee Dorsey "Yes We Can";
Huey "Piano" Smith "Best New Orleans Masters"
Bob Dylan "Infidels"

Well, my friend Steve laid a New Orleans compilation on me a few months ago, and as a result I looked into Dorsey and Smith.
Holy cow.
The Dorsey record's unbelievable, The METERS are the backup band and the songs are all really uplifting, you do the math. "Piano" Smith's CD is kind of alot of the same thing (it's "samey"), and it's all really great.
The same friend got me in to see the Dylan movie a couple of weeks ago, and ever since then I've been listening to "Infidels" (1983) pretty much non-stop. Kenny told me some people hate this record, but the Dylan/Sly/Robbie combo sort of has me transfixed and I think they're all fools.
May 26th, 2005
Lately I've been busy (yay!) and haven't had too much time to devote to listening to music (boo!). This has me sort of dipping into old favorites and newer stuff that people lay on me as opposed to the all-consuming musical addictions that I usually enjoy. That's when I listen to an album and just don't want to hear anything else so I put it on again... and again... and again... then my friends get the creeps.
Serge Gainsbourg "Histoire De Melody Nelson";
Mar-Keys/Bark-Kays (mix);
I've been listening to these two a bunch lately and I don't see them taking over my life, but they're both fun to listen to and the latter was a forerunner of much of the music that my band plays... Listening to it is kind of like having a saucy talk with an uncle I never get to see. The former... is neat. It's where everyone says Beck's dad got the inspiration for the string arrangements on "Sea Change" and I can see why... It's really stony music and to me sounds like killer background music.


Joanna Newsom "The Milk Eyed Mender" I listen and am overcome with a feeling of absolution, of total forgiveness... She's undeniable.
I listened to the Christmas albums by The Ventures and Booker T & the MG's WELL past Christmas (see above for friends' reactions)... Both are charming, beautifully performed, chock-full of goodies and concise, as in: you will NOT be fast-forwarding through either of these records. Yuletide 2005 we'll see how "James Brown's Funky Christmas" holds up to these instrumental gems (hint! hint! mom'n'dad!).
Ernest Ranglin "A Mod A Mod"(thank you Campy for hipping me to this record!). Virtuoso guitar playing that doesn't make you think about guitar! Hmm! Sort of like Campy! Hmm!
Johnny Paycheck "The Little Darlin' Years" I never had a country phase before hearing this record. Wild, un-hinged melodies, downer than down lyrics and perfectly-rough performances had me listening over and over.
Dr John the Night Tripper "Gris Gris" Holy cow. Holy cow. How was "Mamma Roux" not a hit? This is music to hold voodoo ceremonies to, dance to, get real comfy with someone to or play high stakes poker to. Dangerous, loaded music that repeated listening will NOT wear the magic off of.